Lonney Love Talks His Latest Single ‘Waiting 4 U,’ ‘All About You’ EP And Much More

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As the Jamaican-born Caymanian singer and songwriter Lonney Love hits the industry as a solo artist, he gracefully delivers his new pop ballad ‘Waiting 4 U‘ – the first preview to his forthcoming debut EP titled ‘All About You.’ His new single is both intimate and poetic, truly showcasing Love’s vocal talent as his leans toward a romantic narrative on his all-new project.

First introduced to Soul through his vocalist mother and uncle, Love takes his own personal touch and combines his lyrical and production talents on ‘All About You.’ Through his latest single release, Love embarks on an amorous and honest direction and describes the love for his wife as the original inspiration behind the concept for ‘Waiting 4 U.’ Soon after the single was dropped, it was announced that its visuals, directed by Sam Lancaster, was going to follow – which is set to be released on Tuesday, October 1st!

After having shared the stage with world-renowned acts such as Becky G, Damian Marley and Pitbull – Lonney Love is ready for the next step and ready for the world to hear him on his first solo full-length project, ‘All About You.’

Through an exclusive interview with XMPL, Lonney Love opens up on his latest single ‘Waiting 4 U,’ his forthcoming EP ‘All About You‘ and much more. Listen to ‘Waiting 4 U’ and read the exclusive interview with Lonney Love below:

XMPL: As you’re entering the industry as a solo-artist, what would you say inspired this fresh start? Did you have any musical inspirations throughout your journey?

Lonney: My inspiration has always been to share my voice and thoughts in order to help and or encourage others. Throughout my time of producing and songwriting, I’ve always gotten feedback from fans and listeners who would say how much a song I wrote helped them during a period or time in their lives.  The lyrics, emotions and melody are an extension of me and allowed me to continue on this path because I know even if it’s just one individual I’m helping I’m making a change and being a positive voice and light in there life.

Not only are you a talented singer, but you also wrote and produced your latest single ‘Waiting 4 U’ – what was the inspiration behind this passionate track?

I believe that no matter the individual, we all understand that feeling of waiting and wishing for something. To me, true love is one of the greatest gifts to receive, especially when you feel like you’ve been waiting for what seems like forever. The concept of this song came to me when I met my wife but has since evolved to mean so much more as we create our family and experience the ups and downs of life and its many journeys.

Photo via Lonney Love

Can you tell us about the process that went behind making ‘Waiting 4 U’?

I produced this song in Ableton and it all started with a basic piano melody that sparked my inspiration and brought me back to the feelings and memory of me meeting the one you love it also evolved into meaning so much during the process.

‘Waiting 4 U’ is a first listen to your forthcoming debut EP titled ‘All About You’. What can we expect from this highly anticipated project?

You can expect an emotionally driven roller coaster filled with life, love and melodies for the soul.

What inspired the title for your new EP, ‘All About You’?

I wanted my first solo EP to be emotional as well as personal seeing as how the majority of the songs are from my life experiences the title “All About You” is for my listeners because I write to evoke emotions from within in order to heal.

Can you tell us about the journey that brought ‘All About You’ to life?

I wanted to share and express a lot of my emotions having to do with life, love and relationships with the hope that I can touch someone even if it’s just one person.


What do you hope that new and current listeners can take away from hearing this project?

My hope is that someone listens to this project and it brings or evokes an emotional memory thats takes them back to a place or time that meant truly something.  

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as you’re entering the music industry as a solo-artist?

In the past, I was used to working with a production team but working on this specific Solo EP I found that in order to create my own space and sound I had to isolate myself and dig deep.

Will there be any features or collaborations on your upcoming project ‘All About You’?

On this EP I have a feature from the Atlanta rapper Nessly and have two production guests one from Amsterdam (Dfoss) and the other from L.A. (Ron Barcia)

Cover art for ‘Waiting 4 U’

Were there any standout or favorite moments while executing the ‘All About You’ EP?

The producer Dfoss who is from Amsterdam was visiting the Cayman Islands and I randomly ran into him and after talking and working on a project he told me about his uncle and funnily enough I was named after said uncle very random, I know but true story – which has created a genuine friendship music and otherwise.

Can we expect any visuals for your single ‘Waiting 4 U’?

Sam Lancaster is a DP and creative behind the visuals of this music video which is set to be released on October 1st, 2019.  It’s very cinematic thrilling and I can’t wait to share it with everyone because it brings my emotions to life.

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