XMPL Cover Story: Georgia Ku – Holds Nothing Back

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Flourishing into her own, the highly touted song writer Georgia Ku has started captivating audiences with her amazing vocals and elite lyrics. Debuting as an artist of Atlantic Records, the UK-Born singer steps into the limelight with her first single ‘What Do I Do?’ A track gaining over 2 million plays, remixes and an acoustic rendition, Georgia proves to us that she is meant to be here. The LA-based artist is the beloved feature of XMPL’s first issue of 2020, only fitting as she is ready to dominate the year and add another milestone to her career.

With a stroke of ink, Georgia made a name for herself before even featuring on tracks as she reached new heights writing lyrics on singles for artists such as Martin Garrix, Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Skrillex & Fifth Harmony. It was clear there was something amazing about this talented artist, after collecting over a billion streams, before her first single debuted, her arrival was highly anticipated. With an electrifying presence, Georgia released a new track to kick off the year called ‘Ever Really Know‘.  A track breaking down any boundaries that might limit POP music.

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With out holding back, Georgia uses her lyrics to really bring out emotions in her music, her unique perspective finds a way to target a listener and allows them to tap into her sound. Talking to Georgia – she got in depth about her career as an artist, discussing writing for herself and others also touching on her music. Georgia also goes in depth about a few songs and describes her feelings about being nominated for an iHeart Radio Award.

Read the full interview with Georgia Ku and be sure to stream ‘Ever Really Know’ below.

You started building your name as a vocalist and song writer early in your career. What have you learned from writing for others that you incorporate when writing for yourself today?

Georgia Ku: Good question! I’m so grateful that my career started with being a songwriter because it really gave me a chance to learn my trade, I was always willing to get better & take little tricks out of each session for the next. I was thrown into some of the craziest sessions where sometimes I had no idea what I was up against but I just did what I loved & what came natural and a lot of the time it would stick! So when writing for myself, unless I have something specific that I want to write about, I have to just think about writing a great song, same as any other day, that way it takes the pressure off. It gives me more freedom to express myself & enjoy the process.

Photo by: Collin Young

Your vocals were highlighted on a lot of EDM tracks, working with artists like Illenium, Dillon Francis, Getter, among many others. Were there any tracks that really pushed your creativity to the next level?

I wrote ‘Blood’ the Getter song just after I moved to LA, I had just signed my publishing deal & bought all my own equipment to record at home. When Getter sent me the track, I was immediately inspired by the chords; I wrote & recorded it in about 2 hours & that was that! I love songs like that because they’re not overthought, they come from instinct & feeling and those are usually the best ones!

Can you tell us a little bit about these notable moments of your career? Having ‘In My Head’ reach #7 on Billboard Dance/Mix Airplay chart and reaching #14 on UK Singles on the track you co-wrote, ‘Scared To Be Lonely’.

‘Scared to be lonely’ changed my life, being a songwriter is an absolute hustle yet so rewarding; sometimes a song will get placed in a year or two, sometimes a matter of weeks, this was one that found a home in a matter of weeks! We poured our hearts into that song & to see how excited Martin was to be working on it was amazing. Originally Martin had asked me to feature on it as I had demo’d the original vocal, but I was more than happy when Dua did her thing, it came out so good! To know my song was being played on the radio, especially in my hometown, was a huge moment for me. 

Photo by: Collin Young

You released an acoustic version to you track, ‘So Close’ with NOTD, Captain Cuts. What type of feeling or perspective do you think an acoustic version of that song brings?

I love putting out acoustic versions because it shows the songs in their purest form. That’s usually how I like to write, stripped back. I get inspired by chords & atmospheric sounds, they just pull out way more emotion & help me connect to the song before lyrics are even written. I know people have been jammin out to ‘So Close’, but when you take away the dance production it really has a meaningful message that a lot of people can connect with that’s so important to me. 

Impressively your track ‘What Do I Do?’ was embraced by many as a Top track of 2019. Can you tell us the meaning of the track and walk us through the process of writing it?

I was going through a really rough time, I was heartbroken & honestly just lost. It was the first song I wrote that I truly felt like was my single, I knew right away. I wrote it with Captain Cuts who are like my brothers, the poor guys had to listen to me harp on about not wanting to let go, I went into the studio upset but ready to pour my heart out, they played some chords & I hopped on the mic and sang the melodies then we wrote the lyrics, I wanted to capture real moments & current feelings and that’s exactly what we did.

Photo via Georgia Ku

You’ve also seen artists like Benny Benassi & TELYKast remix this track. How does it feel seeing artists put their own vision on your track and what is your take away from it?

I was blown away by the remixes, they brought out totally different vibes from the OG, I love hearing other people’s creativity, it just shows how adaptive music is and more importantly how it can bring people together!

You topped off you year with ‘All In’ along side Bearson & JRM. How would you describe working on this track? and do you see more vocal duets in your future?

I describe it as… 3AM in Nicaragua hahaha – it was definitely not my idea to start a song at 3AM but it was just a bunch of friends in the jungle vibing out. We recorded in the room on a hand held mic & kept all of original vocals.

Photo via Georgia Ku

How would you recap 2019 based off of personal goals and achievements?

Wow I don’t even know where to begin, I often felt like I wasn’t doing enough or getting enough cuts but when I look back on all the love we got from ‘Hold On’ with Illenium & especially ‘So Close’, it’s like the song that keeps on giving ! I’m so incredibly proud if it’s journey & continuous successes. 

How does it feel kicking off the year by being nominated for the iHeart Radio Awards ‘Dance Song Of The Year? 

I was speechless, seriously this song! I had no idea how well it would do, from the day we wrote it, to going on promo tour, to reaching #26 on top 40 & being named the most played dance song of 2019 on US radio literally blows my mind. I never expected to have been nominated for this award, I’m completely honored and so excited for this new year!

Are there any projects we can look forward to this year, and are there any goals you’ve set for yourself? 

I am really looking forward to releasing my second single in February! Still doing a lot of writing for other artist & excited for more collaborations! My goal is to do more shows & continues to be just to inspire people however I can, I love receiving messages about how my songs have helped or motivated them, it makes everything worthwhile.

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