Exclusive ‘Sticky Situation’ Single Release Party Photos & Interview

Anders, FrancisGotHeat. Photo by Devenae Bryce

Anders & Rich The Kid Celebrate A Year of Weed Legalization in Canada With Their New Track ‘Sticky Situation’, Produced by FrancisGotHeat

Toronto’s very own Anders just released a timely weed-themed track entitled ‘Sticky Situation’. The FrancisGotHeat-produced track has much to boast about, not to mention a feature from one of raps biggest acts of the year with Rich The Kid.

Check out the music video for ‘Sticky Situation’ below:

What makes this release such a special occasion is mostly thanks to the production of the beat… and the fact that it was released on the 1 year anniversary of legalized weed in Canada.

Forget everything you thought you knew about pushing limits and breaking barriers. FrancisGotHeat redefines the term “experimental music” with this one by searching for the music in the one of Earth’s most amazing medicinal plants: weed.

XMPL was invited to the ‘Sticky Situation’ listening party, hosted by MERRY JANE and eOne – on October 17th at Regulars Bar in Toronto – and we got the inside info and interview from Anders, FrancisGotHeat, and video director Elliot Clansey Osberg.

XMPL: Do you feel like sound isn’t explored enough?

FrancisGotHeat: One thousand percent. It’s more than something you hear, you feel it as well. Everything has frequencies.. Everything has signals, so anything with life can be used to create.

Was the intention to open peoples minds about how music is made?

FrancisGotHeat: It wasn’t… at first. It was just ‘let’s just make this cool song with this dope concept’. Then, after using [the technology] and spending time with it, I started thinking about where else we could take it creatively because this was crazy. I hope others catch on.

FrancisGotHeat. Photo by Devenae Bryce

Why did you go in this direction for the video?

Elliot: 3D is the future. You can do anything in your imagination – there’s no rules, no boundaries, it just fascinates me. I’ve been working with 3D concepts for years and it keeps pulling me in. The more you learn how to use it, the more you it opens up creatively. It just keeps unraveling.

Why is this important for Toronto and Canada? 

Elliot: I think that Anders is big for Toronto and Canada. I think that NST is big for Toronto and Canada. They do it as big as any label/artist all while being independent. We had OVO/XO come and break the doors down and light the city up so it’s nice to see a group like NST taking the knowledge, experience and standard and just bring it back to the street level to build it up. Its gonna inspire a lot of new movements.

Anders. Photo by Devenae Bryce

Anders chimed in for a bit about what it means for him, his city and Canada:

Anders: I think this is a big win for Canada. It’s the first time somebody’s made a song out of a weed plant [laughs]. And it’s coming from Toronto. On top of legalization and whatnot… It puts another one under the belt for the city.

View the photos from the ‘Sticky Situation’ Listening Party

Photos by Devenae Bryce

Stream ‘Sticky Situation’ by Anders ft. Rich The Kid. Prod: FrancisGotHeat

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