Robin S Is Back With New Single ‘What About U’ Featuring James Worthy

Robin S & James Worthy

After the 30th anniversary of her classic hit Show Me Love, legendary house diva Robin S has made her return with her new single ‘What About U.’

Teaming up with Atlanta-based artist and producer James Worthy, ‘What About U’ serves as Robin S’ comeback single – her first music release in nearly six years. Three decades after her 1993 debut album, Robin S shines bright and is as electrifying as ever on the mic.

“The song is definitely infectious with a really sweet feel and great vibe,” the songstress shared to her Instagram ahead of the single release. “So let me ask you this, how does music really make you feel?”

What do you think of Robin S and James Worthy’s new collaboration? Listen to ‘What About You’ below.

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