The Border City – Higher Sociiety

Searching through The Border City, you will come across a brand of creators that pull strings behind the scenes. A handful of artists who combine their styles and perspective into forming ‘Higher Sociiety‘. 

Designed by founder, Em Omenugha, the brand has just lived through it’s season 1 merch and is on the way to launching it’s second season. Inspirations for this brand are drawn from every aspect of life imaginable, and their modern taste remains fashionable. Specializing in unisex street wear, it’s hard not to notice that this brand excel in women’s fashion. Their out of the box designs of crop top hoodies and skirts bring an urban vibe to complete any outfit.

Sitting down with Em, we got a chance to get a deeper perspective on this brand and what makes their idea wheel tick. The the full interview with Higher Sociiety below:

XMPL: What kind of styles did you wear growing up?

Em: Growing up in the early 2000’s, everyone was rocking baggy clothing, that was just the style at the time. From XL white tee’s and polo shirts, pairing them with the classic jeans shorts, you could never go wrong. As I grew a bit older the style and fashion grew too. We’re talking 09-2010 now. This was a big change. From wearing baggy daddy’s to transforming into slim fitted, skinny jeans it really shaped the fashion game for a new look. This was when the dance craze jerkin’ came to surface and Soulja Boy dropped “Pretty Boy Swag.”

What would you say inspired you to start your own clothing line?

What inspired me to start my own clothing was my love for creating new things. When I was younger I would always pay close attention to the how things were built and created. Weather if it was walking into a new building and just being so thrilled to see the interior design and architecture or watching my friends cook up beats from a pirated vision of Fruity Loops. The two came hand in hand to spark some inspo. There have been multiple times were I would walk into a store and see a t-shirt hung or folded on a table and I would just stare at the design. After a while I would start to formulate my own ideas on what I would have done to make that t shirt design better. I would say to myself “Man, I could make something way sicker than this”. Having that thought replay in my head every time I walked into a store and seen clothing. It really gave me a push to start my on clothing line.

How did you come up with the name Higher Sociiety?

Picking a name in the beginning stages of creating a clothing line was one of the hardest things. I wanted something that stood out, something that would speak to people when they heard the name, something that would flow and look nice if I put it on a t-shirt design. It’s funny because the first name I chose was “Sauce Clothing.” I even sketched out t-shirt and hoodie designs using the name Sauce with a dripping/melting looking text. The name Higher Sociiety came to me when I was reading something online and I saw the word “society.” I can’t remember what I was reading, but the word Sociiety stood out to me. And then I kept on reading more and then I saw the word “higher.” And I was like “there I got it!” I said to myself “What if I called my clothing line Higher Sociiety?” It could be about taking different creatives and forming them into one conglomerate to call it Higher Sociiety. Where we would start off with streetwear t-shirts designs and build our way up to high fashion pieces designs that are different from the norm.

What does your brand mean to you?

My brand literally means everything to me. I don’t have kids or anything like that. But I strongly feel that creating and building my brand is how a parent feels about raising their own.

What is your favourite go to outfit?

My style is all over the place, one day I might be dressed like a skater, the next day I might be dressed like a 90’s business man. But I truly love to be comfortable and cozy, so my go to outfit would be my Higher Sociiety tech fleece suit.

Higher Sociiety featured some new releases at Industry’s 1-Year Anniversary and Fashion Show – what are you hoping people take away from
looking at some of your new looks?

My first fashion show was an amazing opportunity that I will never forget. What I’m hoping people took from the looks was a whole melting pot. There were a few 90’s inspired looks that I portray and also a lot of real streetwear items with a touch of high class garments. It was basically taking my surrounds when I was young and growing up to my current stage of my life now, and putting them on a runway. That was me and that was my story.

What would you say is your favourite thing about fashion?

What I would say is my favourite thing about fashion is you can be whoever you want to be. It’s taking different things and mixing and matching. Wearing something as a statement piece because there is an important event going on or it’s just a part of your culture. Feeling a different type of confidence in what you’re wearing because that’s just what makes you happy. Dressing a way because it fits in to where you’re from or your life style. Being creative and turning yourself into a walking canvas because we’re all art. So to answer your question my favourite thing about fashion is how it makes me feel.

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