“I’m A Popstar” – Series Two

Moving forward with our series, past popstar status and reminiscing on this summer that quickly passed us by. Collaborating with us on our series is hairstylist Megan Ellis of Braids.Blowouts.Styles in Windsor, ON. Her work speaks for itself as shown in this issue of XMPL – we got the chance to catch up with Megan during our shoot and talk about her work and inspirations. Read the interview below.

Photography: Sneaker Buddha

Makeup: Ryann Beal, Glow & Co. Studio

Hair: Megan Ellis, Braids.Blowouts.Styles

Style: Teodora Cvetkovic

Models: Jessica Paglia, Priya Johnson, Kik Baraslievski and Zeze Haidous

When did you start Braids.Blowouts.Styles?

Megan: I created Braids.Blowouts.Styles about 3 years ago when I started at my first salon Bsquared Hair Studio. I have officially launched myself as so by putting together a summer hair shoot with 6 outstanding models, creating 18 styles in one day while they were being photographed by the talented Jess Mazzo last month.

What made you finally want to pursue being a hairstylist?

You know that moment when the stars and universe align and they create that perfect timing? Well that’s what caused the push in me to pursue the passion I didn’t truly realize I had. Originally, I had gone to school to be a CYW and had the privilege to work at day camps, daycares, for the school board and within treatment facilities, but something was missing. I took some time off from being a CYW and stumbled upon Bsquared Hair Studio where I started as the receptionist and quickly worked my way behind the chair.

Who are some of your favourite hair inspos?

For me, this is truly a hard question because there are so many wonderful and immensely talented hairdressers and hairstylists out there. So I find I’m not inspired by the person behind the style but inspired by the style itself.
That being said, I’m very inspired by boho styling, loose fun and flirty hair as well as pushing the boundaries and my comfort zone of hair and trying out unique styles that you may not see every day, like tri pull through braids, floral styled braids, or edgy corn rowed styles.

What is your favourite thing about styling someone’s hair?

My favourite part about styling is just letting go, relaxing, allowing my hands to do the work and getting to know each client. I’m beyond lucky to have such amazing clientele that keep me on my toes and allow me to truly be a hair artist and never hinder me with any styles. It’s absolutely a joy to go into work everyday to catch up or get to know the client and have them walk out with a style you may not necessarily see from an everyday hair dresser.

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