‘About You’ by City Fidelia (Carl Nunes Remix)

Carl Nunes Remixes City Fidelia’s Single ‘About You’

Earlier this year I had the privilege of listening to ‘About You’ by City Fidelia. The Ottawa artist, gave XMPL the opportunity to premier the track as a taste of whats to come. The track was part of a bigger picture, it was the leading step to his album ‘Pain Killer’.

City used this track as a preview in order to show his fans a new sound, it also told us that we shouldn’t know what to expect from the album.

City also opened up with heartfelt lyrics and also added a unique melody to his vocals over an acoustic. This propelled the anticipation for a release on the ‘Painkiller’.

Now this time around we get to hear the song in a different light, as Carl Nunes put his own take on the song. The Guatemalan DJ remixed this tune with a deep house vibe to it.

He did a great job capturing how City’s vocals, but he also offered a different perspective. As the drums hit and the vocal cuts serenade the mild drop, you can’t feel more of a warm and cozy essences leaking from the track. This remixes changes the atmosphere of where this song can be heard or played. It also proves how universal City’s sound really is.

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