Anna Pancaldi On Her New Music, Performing Live and Offers An Insightful Message to Up-And-Coming Artists

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After recently ending off her US tour – singer and songwriter Anna Pancaldi is ready to take the stage again on her UK tour for her new EP ‘No More Make Believe‘, starting October 8th. Since the release of her ‘Sweet Charity EP‘ early last year, Pancaldi has released a flashing music video for her single ‘What I’ve Become’ and collaborated with Arch Birds for a beautifully melancholic cover of ‘Let Her Go‘ by Passenger last month.

Watch the music video for ‘What I’ve Become’:

Pancaldi offers raw, voice-driven songs and covers that truly sets the relaxed, chill tone. The Colchester-born artist will also be unveiling her cover art for her single ‘Peace’ and releasing her new EP on October 5th, titled ‘No More Make Believe‘ and we are absolutely looking forward to hearing it.

XMPL got the chance to interview Anna Pancaldi on her music, performing live and offers an insightful message to up-and-coming artists. Listen to Anna Pancaldi’s cover of ‘Let It Go’ with Arch Birds and read the full exclusive interview below.

XMPL: Your voice is very powerful and carries a lot of emotions. What made you want to start singing, and how did you develop this unique sound?
Anna Pancaldi: My father is a great singer and so performing and singing has always been a part of me, so I have been singing since before I can remember! I just had a turning point in my career when I realized that music was all I wanted to do in life and then committed to it fully and I have never looked back since. It was a poignant moment and then went off to travel the world writing songs to mark the beginning. I think that’s part of the magic of singing, you can do things to strengthen and enhance, but really it’s something that is there or isn’t.

Your song ‘Brother’ is absolutely breath-taking and filled with emotions. Can you tell us what that songs means to you and did you expect such a big reaction from that track?
Thank you so much! I wrote it about loss, something we all experience at some point in our lives and really how that had very honestly made me feel. I never expected the reaction I got and was so grateful for it, that it had reached people and connected. It was one of those songs that came out very quickly and felt as if it just needed to be written and passed from my subconscious into something palpable.

Recently you released your amazing cover of ‘Let Her Go’ with Arch Birds. Walk us through the creative process of that track and how it all came together.
Well actually that’s a cover we recorded for a big clothing brand for the Middle East, I loved putting my own spin on it and taking it somewhere new.

‘What I’ve Become’ was another track you released earlier this year. What influenced you to make that song?
I have recently been experimenting and writing on electric and so that track was my debut with that. I love how writing with a new instrument inspires new musical creativity!

Photo by: Curious Rose Photography

2018 is still not over for you, there is an EP you’re releasing on October 5th. Can you please tell us what this EP has in store for us?
Well, this really I really am so thrilled with, it’s a new direction and sound and want to hear what you all think of it! Watch this space, it’s out on October 5th and titled ‘No More Make Believe’.

You finished your US tour, but you have a UK tour starting October, 8th! How would you describe your live performances? What are some of the things that an artist like yourself has learned from live performance?
Yes, I am off on tour with my band in October, very much looking forward to it! They’re a lot of fun and the shows takes you on a bit of a journey with highs and lows. I love to chat with my audience too, that’s really important to me that I connect with them.

I have learned how playing hundreds and hundreds of times is imperative to developing your craft. I used to have stage fright and so its taken a long while for me to be at home on stage. I have learnt how to control my nerves, learnt how to work with different crowds as they vary so much and how to have fun! I adore performing live, it’s my favourite part!

Have you ever wanted to collaborate with artists in different genres, if so can you name a few that you would like to work with and why?
Oh well I have always had a big place in my heart for swing, I grew up listening to that, so Tony Bennett would be a dream.

If somebody wants to pursue singing as a career; What kind of advice would you give them and what kind of obstacles did you have to face?
Commit to giving it your all. My advice is to spend as long as you can writing and develop that before integrating into the business side of it. That part can be a bit overwhelming to begin with and it’s multifaceted, so you want to be ready, to learn how to divide your time, learn your rights have how it all works and enjoy yourself in that journey!

I think the challenge for me at first was splitting my time between the business side, networking, making connections, and the artist side. I learnt that self-care and not getting burnt out was so important, I was very passionate and focused and that led to not always looking out for my mental health. So be kind to yourself!

When we learned you have launched your own Gin, Joe’s Gin we thought it was so AWESOME! How did you get involved in launching your own Gin and why did you name it Joe’s Gin?
I love gin! Haha. My brother used to make us elderflower cordial when we were children and I love gin as an adult, so thought it might be best to join the two! Joey is my big brother!

How can we get it ordered to Canada?!
You can’t sadly because of rules and regulations!!

We are really excited for your EP and can’t wait to see you to continue this growth! What are some goals you want to achieve over the next year, that our readers can get excited for?
I really want to continue to build my fan base across the world, America too as my management is there and had a wonderful first tour there and a humbling reaction from the crowds and I hope to be touring in Canada at some point too, want to sing for you lovely lot! Also to keep pushing myself with writing, we never stop growing in that area.

Listen to ‘Let It Cover’ by Anna Pancaldi and Arch Birds below:

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