‘Antisocial Love Song’ by Alex Frew (Feat. A Is for Arrows)

Alex Frew Returns With His Latest Single, ‘Antisocial Love Song’

After his breakout single , he’s back with a brand new track! Alex Frew blessed us with his single ‘Antisocial Love Song’, a beautiful duet featuring A Is for Arrows. The two talented artists combined on an amazing track that binds you to move.

The enticing vocals and the seductive lyrics are merged very well through this song. The beat might come across as mellow but quickly shows you the upbeat side it has hidden within it. Releasing as the weather gets colder this tune is perfect for the season as we head towards the end of the year.

As we all got used to the new norms of the pandemic and staying in quarantine, Alex made use of his time to the fullest. Creating this tune with raw emotions throughout the lyrics, Alex was inspired by both the feelings of wanting to be alone and wanting to be in love. This second single really highlights how talented Alex is, by highlighting his strengths of being inspired by his surroundings and how well he works with other artists.

This highly relatable description provided by Alex Frew really puts this track into perspective.

“This song is very important to me. It took on a new meaning after this global pandemic occurred. It
wears its pop music qualities on its sleeve, but it touches on the difficulty of being alone and finding
connections with others – a feeling which has only been amplified by the world’s current situation. I
can’t wait to release it.”
– Alex Frew

Alex Frew will be performing his new song at Toronto’s Urban Outfitters on Queen Street West on September 19th.

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