‘CLAP’ – Eva Shaw, Nate Husser, Nesi w. Reeves Junya

Eva Shaw Rattles The Building With Her Latest Single ‘CLAP’ With Junya Reeves, Nate Husser & Nesi

Eva Shaw made us rest easy by releasing her latest track with Nate Husser, Nesi & Junya Reeves. As we anticipate and album from the Canadian producer, her latest track ‘CLAP’ helps distract us as we vibe until the album date is announced.

This single shows the consistency in Eva’s production as she combines her sounds with other artists to scorch the speakers. We’ve seen how lethal her & Nate Husser are together, but now adding Nesi & Junya to a track, it’s as if they assembled voltron.

This single has a ton of bounce and is lyrically captivating, with two very different verses that surprisingly compliment each other. It’s hard to miss the elite hook this tune has, but I think the adlibs stood out the most to me because the energy they bring to this tune!

This track is electric and is a great send off for 2020 from the four artists.

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