Juice WRLD – ‘9 9 9’ EP

As I often delve deep through various alternative YouTube and Soundcloud playlists and live streams, stumbling on the creative and obscure is inevitable. Chicago’s Juice WRLD and his vocal stylings certainly fit that narrative.

Tasteful use of auto-tune (which often isn’t the case) and emphatic chorus repetition could put this EP in the melody-heavy “wave-riding” category, however it also consists of a range of emotions that translate through solid lyric structure.

Sombre, dark undertones, fueled by what appears to be relationship struggles, loneliness, letdowns, and deceit, are evident in “Lucid Dreams” and “All Girls Are The Same,” but they are balanced with pop-influenced party tracks and bravado-laced bangers, such as “Lost Her” and “Rainbow.”

References to struggles and abuse of prescriptions are made in “Sticks & Stones” and “Two Cups,” but are mixed up with wavy, lo-fi ambience, heavy percussion (mainly provided by producers Nick Mira & sidepce) and a twist of self-confidence which shines through the lyrical content.

I gave this EP a listen with no expectations and in the end, found myself thoroughly impressed. There was some repetition, but the hooks are infectious and I never felt inclined to change a song.

Hints of Post Malone, OG Maco, Lil Yachty, and a plethora of other artists, combined with his Illinois upbringing, are clearly present, and that blend has concocted a unique style within itself.

Jared Higgins, as he’s otherwise known, is still a teenager and appears to have unlimited potential. It will be interesting to hear future releases.

Have a listen to the Soundcloud playlist below…

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