‘This Is Not My Final Form’ by Chelsea Reject

Chelsea Reject Releases Newest Album ‘This Is Not My Final Form’

Brooklyn can stand tall, as Chelsea Reject showcases her talents on her latest project ‘This Is Not My Final Form’. Coming off her European tour, Chelsea mentioned she will be releasing a project for her fans to dive into, finally the project is here. After seeing Chelsea flex her scouter, it is only appropriate the she chose the album title she chose. Highly anticipating this project, I was excited to see that Reject had 11 tracks on this project. Holding 6 features on this project in Mick Jenkins, Kota the Friend, Happytree, Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth & Jean DeauxChelsea still finds a way keep her sound authentic and unique.

Taking on many waves on this project you will notice Reject touches on a variety of issues like her mental health, growing up faster than need be and her personal experiences. Songs like ‘Out Alive’ & ‘Kidulthood’ really touch up on subject that are avoided by many, but the delivery she uses to get her message across is the revolutionary piece to this puzzle. This very creative mind of hers really allows you to kick back, spark one up and learn as you listen. The project is very mellow but offers upbeat vibes with real messages. A perfect example would be her song ‘‘Energy (Enemies)’, but my favorite part of this album is seeing her collab with Dirtty Sanchez & Rokamouth.

Chelsea reject really comes out demanding respect with this project and shes earned it! it was great to see her come out with a leading demeanor and a very thought out lyrical structure. As she grows, she will find her self as one of the highly touted music artists based off her creativity.

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