Blaise Moore Drops New Single, “Best Next Ex”

via 21 Entertainment/Universal Music Canada

Following her 2018 release of “Temporary Her” – Canadian-born, UK based singer and songwriter Blaise Moore has recently released her new single “Best Next Ex” – produced and co-written by Jon Levine, Midi Jones and Sebastian Cole.

Best Next Ex” is a chilling tale of a passionate yet hopeless relationship. Described as a modern day moody vocalist, the Toronto native has entranced us with her latest drop all while describing a soon-to-fail love story. Capturing fans with her smooth and raw sound, Blaise Moore remains on the radar for rising artists, as she’s already amassed over 2.4 million global streams through projects such as “Temporary Her” and her critically acclaimed debut EP “Laurence.”

After the release of Laurence, I moved from Toronto to LA for a fresh start after feeling creatively stagnant and to immerse myself in new experiences. I was by myself, in a new place, meeting and working with new people and feeling a lot of pressure to make new music that would exceed my past work. All of those emotions paired with other life events had me in a bad place emotionally, which ensued a heavy writer’s block and self-sabotaging behaviour. I didn’t have anything to write about other than the dark thoughts I was experiencing,” the songstress says on her new single in a recent statement.

I’m really grateful for that whole experience in a way. It taught me a lot about myself as a person and an artist. I’m inspired again and finally without writer’s block. Going head-first into this new music with a new attitude, feeling excited and hungry I’ve ever been.

With “Best Next Ex” getting us in our feels ahead of the cold season, we’re amped to see what the Canadian/UK singer has set in motion for the rest of 2020 and the coming year. Stream “Best Next Ex” by Blaise Moore below.

Stream “Best Next Ex” by Blaise Moore:

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