‘Genesis’ by Capé

Capé Releases First Ever EP ‘Genesis’

Egyptian native taking on Canada’s climate, Capé finds himself creating gems in Ottawa Ontario. The 22 year old artist released his first project after only 2 years of writing and rhymin’. Giving us 6 tracks on this EP and only hosting one feature in Pat RZL, it’s easy to get a deeper look at the vibes Capé has locked in his arsenal. Naming the project ‘Genesis’ is highly fitting as he discusses his origin and gives us a taste of the potential he birthed on this EP. With songs produced by EffeNess, D-Nar, Squae Wicked, Ryan Litte & Dran Fresh, highlights the capability of Capé working with different creatives and how versatile his flow can be.

I was caught off guard with his first track ‘Intro/Genesis’, expecting lyrical slaughter. Even though his lyrics were pristine, the surprise was the soul vibe I felt in the chorus and beat he flowed to. Getting CeeLo Greene vibes, the ending off the tune breathes a completely different type flow, where he pours out his heart with a lyrical barrage. For that authentic speaker rattling sound, his track ‘Outtactrl’ bangs and he compliments the beat with a louder flow as he talks about his come up and mindset. ‘No More’ was a track with a haunting piano that allows Capé to flow slower as he taps into his emotions lyrically. The most impressive take away from this tune was the deeper look into his vocal talents as he flexes his singing throughout the track.

‘Unshakable’ kicks off the second half of the EP and with a BOOM BAP inspired flow, this track reminds us of the epitome of HipHop. With a graffiti vibe, Capé captures the energy of a B-Boy ad slaughters this tune. Seeing his only feature with Pat RZL on his track ‘Nuisance’, it really displays how his talents can adapt to a variety of sounds and artists. Lyrically talking about his come up and hearing Pat combining her style with Capé was something special. ‘Changes’ ends this project with a very surreal vibe, where you hear Capé slow it down and get to hear him display his vocals again. Bettering himself and painting his thoughts on the track, this has to be my favorite tune on this EP.

A 6 track EP was perfect to let us know he has arrived, and not flooding the project with features really highlights how hungry he is. In tune with his craft, I hope to see one or two singles before 2020.

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