‘Blast Off’ by Gesaffelstein Ft. Pharrell Williams

Gesaffelstein Releases New Single ‘Blast Off’ Featuring Pharrell Williams

Highly recognized for his work with Techno music, Gesaffelstein always kept himself in the shadows and let his music speak for him. We recently seen him trending as he worked with The Weeknd again on their track, ‘Lost In The Fire’. This time around the producer is showcasing his own single, ‘Blast Off’. He does not hold back with his amazing collaborating work as he teams up with the one and only ‘Pharrell Williams’.

These two artists have always showed us styles outside of the norm and displayed courage to pursue new ideas. Putting their identities on this piece, you will hear a very mellow song, with a minimal club sound over taken by a tribal vibe. This beat takes psychedelic turns along the way, but the highlight of this heater is Pharrell with his hooks and chorus.

Guaranteed to trail blaze it’s way to your playlist this song is very captivating, as it allows you to indulge into both artists. It also makes you wonder if NERD will have anything new coming out…

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