‘Tear Myself Apart’ by Tate McRae

Calgary’s Very Own Tate McRae Release Stunning New Single ‘Tear Myself Apart’

Tate McRae just released her latest single, ‘Tear Myself Apart’. The dual talented artist, also released a music video, which highlights her background in dance as it tells the story of her tune. The 16 year old from Calgary has shown a lot of growth in 2019 with this track, along with her last two singles this year, ‘Kids Are Alright’ & ‘Slip’. Writing her own music Tate displays a very unique and honest style that is easy to cope with.

This tune holds a very dark and broken vibe as she sings over a subtle piano complimented with back up vocals. The song get’s heavier as she hit’s the chorus and bridges. This track is lyrically haunting as she sings about relationship flaws that many people have experienced and understand. This tune has fall feels and was released as at the perfect time to get us past the summer.

With her stunning vocals, Tate really has the potential to release 1 or 2 more tracks this year before blessing us with an EP or album. Seeing what the future holds for this young artist is going be exciting and hopefully she starts hitting the stage soon!

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