‘After The Rain’ by The Underachievers

The Underachievers Release Their New Album ‘After The Rain’

The Underachievers are back again with their brand new album ‘After The Rain‘. Issa Gold & AKTHESAVIOR are highly recognized for their meaningful lyrics and exciting wordplay, this new album was highly anticipated and well worth the wait! This duo are leaders in Hip-Hop and part of the Beastcoast embodiment. Listening to these two flow it’s hard to know what to expect, all you can really know is you will be impressed. With a genuine style, Issa & AK don’t stay in one lane they create their own lanes and this album is no different.

Hip-Hop heads of all eras will find enjoyment listening to this project! 11 tracks of of gut wrenching bars and mind awakening flow, The UA created a flawless album. The duo plays host to five guests in Ivan Jackson, Liza Owen, FATHERDUDE, Mello & KingJet. from when they debuted ‘Seven Letters’ featuring KingJet we knew that Issa & AK were going to work really well with these artists to paint this masterpiece of an album. For me Personally I like how they work with Liza Owen & Mello, but I live for songs like ‘Cyclones’. Hearing these two go into a song alone and create vivid pictures of experiences I can relate to is very refreshing. Listening to these two masterminds, I find myself connecting to their tunes like I did with albums such as ‘Low End Theory‘, ‘Food & Liquor‘ & ‘The Beautiful Struggle’.

These two are easily ahead of their time & I highly encourage every fan of Hip-Hop to get lost into this album! My TOP 5 should be a good starting point!

TOP 5:

  1. Cyclones
  2. Evil Things
  3. War Inside
  4. See Through
  5. Location Nowhere 

I will definitely replaying this album until they drop ‘Lords of Flatbush 3‘, you can be sure to see this pop backup when I recap Buddhas TOP 20 Hip-Hop albums & EP’s of 2018!



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