‘Malicious’ by Bruce Wiegner

Cover art for ‘Malicious’ by Bruce Wiegner

Los Angeles based producer, song-writer and singer Bruce Wiegner brings it back once again since his spring hit “IDK” – with his all new single ‘Malicious.’ Wiegner’s new jam takes on trust issues and complex relationships which was originally released in August, making it his summer release. Throughout 2019, Wiegner has found himself releasing songs a single at a time, but has proven that his artistry is further developing with his latest track ‘Malicious.’

Now, in the solo-spotlight, it’s become clear through his refined sound since dropping his earlier tracks like ‘Better off This Way’ that Wiegner is a force that won’t be stopped. As Wiegner continues to gain circulation, we are amped to see what the Philadelphia-native has in store for the upcoming fall/winter seasons ahead.

Catch Bruce Wiegner performing live this Fall as he joins collaborator Scotty Sire and Toddy Smith on tour from October to November. You can check out tickets and tour dates on Ticketmaster.

Stream ‘Malicious’ by Bruce Wiegner:

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