‘Jack Back Mixtape’ (DJ Mix) by Jack Back

Jack Back Returns With A Special Mixtape ‘Jack Back Mixtape’ (DJ Mix)

As many of you know David Guetta went by an alias known as Jack Back. Jack Back has returned with his classic sound in a new project ‘Jack Back Mixtape‘ (DJ Mix). With many big time DJs we loved moving on to festival sounds and jumpy tracks I am personally happy to say that this project dropped. This mixtape is nothing but a hardcore groove and vibes, Jack Back really steps away from Guettas catalog on this and mixes sounds that take you back to his roots.

Straying away from his regular sound that we are familiar with and putting on this alias really highlights why he is a top producer. Being able to change your sound with out it sounding awful is challenging and Jack sounds amazing on this project! Guetta is featured on this mixtape along with Chris Willis & CeCe Rogers who do great on their songs, but the best tracks are the Jack Back solos. Of course this my opinion, but I really like the independent tracks because it reminds me of ‘The Guvernment’ before it closed down in Toronto, where I spent many hours in ‘Main Room’ grooving out to dark tracks with killer bass lines. As I connect with my memories I can only wish these tunes were around while the club was open, because they would have been fit for that sound system. These tunes are fit for cities like Toronto and Detroit and I can only hope Jack Back tours across North American Venues with this project.

I encourage everyone to listen to this project who is a fan of house music and techno. You can start off with my TOP 3 tracks to get a feel for the project.

TOP 3:

  1. Grenade
  2. What 2 Say
  3. Back and Forth

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