‘Theory of Evolution’ by Danny Green & DJ KyDD

Danny Green & DJ KyDD Drop New EP ‘Theory Of Evolution’


It was just last month we were tuning into ‘I Am’ by Danny Green & DJ KyDD, but the pair are back with a full EP for us to indulge in. Finally releasing their new project ‘Theory of Evolution’, these two are trailblazing new standards for Canadian Hip-Hop. The EP is only 7 tracks & holds two features but every track bumps Haaarrdd! ‘Call Me’ is the only track that hosts features in Manny Tuletti & J Pags. 6 tracks really reflects the chemistry between the rapper & the DJ, having 1 track with features displays their flexibility in collaborating with other artists. Manny (prod track) & J (vocals) were very impressive on the track, really allowing the EP to bloom.

I personally really enjoyed the listen of this project because I find my self being refreshed by the nostalgia of a rapper and DJ feeding off of each other in order to elevate their music. Many of our readers know my favorite rapper is Rakim and in no way am I comparing the talents but he wouldn’t be ‘The God MC’ with out Eric B.  I really appreciate collabs like this when they are successful and not forced, KyDD laid out the perfect gratifying beats for Danny to go in and stomp around. A perfect example of what I’m alluding to is ‘Gas’, where the beat will have you on a whole different wave and the flow will have you trying to memorize the lyrics.


After a few solid listens I still stand with what I said about never comparing anyone to Rakim & Eric B. However! These two are a better duo than Starsky & Hutch, and you can quote that. Finally after it is said and done my 3 favorite tracks are :

  1. GAS
  2. Call Me
  3. I Am

This project is beyond worth the listen and is great to bump in your car for the rest of the summer!


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