‘Good In Goodbye’ by Madison Beer

Madison Beer Releases Latest Single ‘Good In Goodbye’, With Self Directed Music Video

Madison Beer went silent off social media and the music world at the end of 2019. While teasing a music video to kick off 2020, she’s finally back with a new single, ‘Good In Goodbye’.

The POP singer adds a video to her brand new tune that makes the song that much more enjoyable. The sound of the song has a very dark melody and is made as break up song. Describing getting over a toxic relationship, this fast paced track has a vibe many can escape to.

The video is a Madison vs Madison in a simulated world, with video game and supernatural vibes through out. Madison has explained that it’s supposed to represent her right side vs left side of the brain, going after each other. Also mentioning it’s up to you to decide which is which.

This video was directed by Madison, who has directed her own videos before. This also seems like a project that kicks off a new album, hopefully we can see a new project from her in 2020.

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