‘Over and Over Again’ by Kerry Kathleen

Cover art for ‘Over and Over Again’

Los Angeles-based artist Kerry Kathleen first hit the scene with her debut single ‘Homegirl’ last April. Following her single, she also dropped her lively 3-track EP ‘Reverie’ with the assist of award-winning producer Evan Chambers. Together with her infectious pop sound and Chambers’ production talent create an overall lifting indie-pop project.

For Valentine’s Day – Kerry Kathleen and producer Evan Chambers combine their forces yet again on Kerry’s new single ‘Over and Over Again‘ – representing winning over that special someone again and again. With this new track being Kerry’s introduction to 2020, we’re very excited to see what she has planned for this year. Stream ‘Over and Over Again’ below.

Stream ‘Over and Over Again’ by Kerry Kathleen

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