‘Ride’ by COTIS

COTIS Drops Brand New Scorcher ‘Ride’


This brand new tune ‘Ride‘ by COTIS is FLAME! COTIS really hit the ball out of the park with this track by creating something different and groovy. The 19 year old Canadian artist released two singles earlier this year in ‘Phone Light Up‘ & ‘All Night‘, with this tune he really shows how passionate he is about his music and how quickly he is growing. The production on the beat is absolutely amazing, it sounds very clean and will have you dancing whether at work, in your car, on transit or in bed. His vocals are the gem in this tune in my opinion, he has a mellow singing on the track followed by quick world play flexing his lyricism. Honestly this is one of those songs that is a perfect excuse for you to max out your speakers.

I would give this track a Buddha’s 10/10, surely you’ll put it on your playlist!

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