‘Guilty Conscience’ by 070 Shake

070 Shake Releases Her Latest Single ‘Guilty Conscience’ + Music Video

Never shying away from her artistic vision, 070 Shake has always been one to create outside the box. This time around she released a single called ‘Guilty Conscience’, along with it she put out a music video that hit’s more like a movie. This track is her second single to tease us before she releases her debut album.

The video even starts off with a brief description of the story, quoted by her as Dani Moon. The quote read:

“Altough am not a boy,
I wanted to display
A boy broken
How he manages his sadness
When he is not allowed to cry
From Young
A boy must create a shell
That protects him from
His own emotions
But when that shell cracks
It creates an intense amount of vulnerability
Where the boy must replace the shell with actions
That make him seem as if the shell never broke
He replaces the shell with Ego, Desire and Pride”

From there out the video breaks out into an 80’s vibe with a dramatic ending and entertaining altercations.

The track on it’s own offers her harmonic vocals and really captures the deeper meaning of her lyrics. With a beat that lingers and allows her to build the momentum with her voice and is complimented by the rhythmic drums.

This is a great way to get us excited for her new project, Make sure to check out her first single she teased ‘Under The Moon’

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