BAD BOYS LP Listening Party

Teaming Up In Detroit DJ KyDD, Nessy The Rilla & Tony Millions Host Their Listening Party

DJ KyDD – Nessy The Rilla – Tony Millions

From recording together to promoting together, Canada’s DJ KyDD has been linking up with Detroit artists Nessy The Rilla & Tony Millions. The trio has formed a bond that is unmatched and distinct sound that is pristine.

KyDD & Nessy have already worked on multiple projects like ‘Still’, which is their first joint album. Even back then you saw the connection between the two & Tony, who made his presence felt on two of the eight tracks on that album.

The three artists have been working on another project titled ‘Bad Boys’, this will be their joint LP and the start of a movement. With the album ready for release, they decided to host a listening party in Detroit, to touch back to where they all met and formed their musical connection. Which is also just across the border from M.A.D Studios which is home to KyDD and the sanctuary where they get their recording done.

Catering to two different areas, the show saw Canadian listeners and home grown listeners show up to voice their support. The atmosphere was unforced with a lounge connected to the venue that was easily accessible to anyone. The location featured retro games and a cannabis friendly environment that made the whole place feel more welcoming,

DJ KyDD held down the decks for the night, starting off with mixes and songs that eased everyone into the venue, before spinning for the opening acts. With the crowd coming from different places and not knowing what to expect, all the nerves were wiped away by the energy that was brought to the microphone by Champagne Santana. Leading the charge he made sure to involve the crowd, talk in between his tracks and really dive into the meaning of his music. Showing love to Nessy, KyDD & Tony he finished his set off by shouting out the trio and their upcoming project.

Champagne Santana

Following Santana’s performance the stage was bombarded by AP, Rich Lee & WesPalmRich. The 3 artists hit the stage with the intent to kill, wielding the mic like a deadly weapon. Their energy was feeding off one another and they really rallied around the person who was spitting their rhymes. Wes really took advantage of running in the crowd during his performance, delivering his energy to the guests. Their set also had some attendees show their support by getting on the stage just to vibe along with their performance.

FIT CHECK – AP’s denim jacket wins the night.

Finally to cap off the performances for the night, Nessy & Tony took the stage while KyDD brought a whole new energy to the boards. Leading the charge with the beats while Nessy & Tony guided the crowd with the mic, it was a set for the ages. Performing their track ‘Gametime’ the trio also made sure that the crowd was going to thoroughly enjoy this album. Nessy called up everyone to the edge of the stage ensure they had the chance to absorb every little bit of music they had to offer.

Now cue the ‘Bad Boys’ LP, guiding us through the tracks and displaying all of the songs is one way to show your music to your listeners. However Nessy & Tony did something that more artists should learn from, they held the mics to communicate and hype up the crowd, but as they danced and rocked out, they truly allowed us to take in the music as it came out through the speakers opposed to a live performance, extensively capturing the essence of a true listening party.

That being said, track for track the crowd remained on their feet, with a few that jumped on to hit certain snares and kicks along with Nessy & Tony through out the set. They also stayed to talk to the crowd, brought them on stage to perform a soul train line for their upcoming music video from the new album for the track ‘What They Want’.

Concluding a night well spent in Detroit enjoy the rest of these pictures to relive the party and keep an eye out for new music!

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