‘Daydreaming’ by Milky Chance Feat. Tash Sultana

Milky Chance Returns On A Collab With Tash Sultana On New Single ‘Daydreaming’

Since their first album blew up, with songs like ‘Stolen Dance’ & ‘Down By The River’, the German folk duo Milky Chance has captivated a dedicated audience. This time around releasing a single ‘Daydreaming’ ahead of their album release. The album will be titled ‘Mind The Moon’, it should be coming out on November 15, 2019.

They give us a glimpse of the album, with this new single to please our pallets. Teaming up with internet sensation Tash Sultana, the duo evolves into a trio as the Australian talent joins the track.

In the span of only 3 minutes you get to hear a melody from outer space, with foreign sounds that’l make your body move. As you groovingly mellow out, the vocals on this track really do allow you to space out and maybe even daydream away.

That vintage raspy voice of the Milky chance combined with Sultana’s lyrics both parties compliment each other very well. The minor back up vocals and flutes on this tune really do elevate their vocals and brings out the most from this track.

Milky Chance preps their album release, this will be their second album, with high expectations since they impressed us with their first one. Tash sultana has blown us all out the water with her album ‘Flow State’.

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