‘Snakes’ by Eva Shaw & City Fidelia Ft. Db Bantino

Eva Shaw & City Fidelia Release Their New Tune ‘Snakes’ Featuring Db Bantino


Eva Shaw & City Fidelia have never failed to deliver fire to our ears, when teaming up together. These two artists gave me two of my favorite tracks in ‘NT NT‘ & ‘Shoulda Known Betta‘. This time around Eva & City are focusing on giving us a 4 track project, releasing the tunes one by one every Friday! Slithering it’s way to the front of the project is their new tune banger ‘Snakes’ featuring Db Bantino!

This track starts off with the sound of a rattle snakes, you start noticing the beat creeping in with a mellow version of the hook and chorus. The first verse kicks in over a deep base that is complimented by sounds that give you a Mediterranean vibe. The chemistry between Eva & City is unquestionable, she always provides a scorching beat for him to ignite. The part that caught my attention was how well Db was brought into the track and how he matched their standards to elevate this tune to a different stratosphere.

This is one hell of a way to start off releasing 4 tracks, I can’t wait to hear the other 3 tracks!


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