‘You & Jennifer’ (Remix) by Bülow & Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Joins Bülow On The Remix Of ‘You & Jennifer’ (the other side)

If you have listened to Bülow on her EP ‘Damaged Vol. 2’, it will be very easy to remember the track ‘You & Jennifer’. Talking about her significant other betraying her trust with someone named Jennifer, the track gave you a very cold feeling. Now we are reliving the tune thanks to Rich The Kid teaming up with a remix of ‘You & Jennifer’ (the other side).

Bringing in a different perspective to the tune, the song highlight’s why the significant other may have cheated with Jennifer.

With the same mellow laid back vocals from Bülow, the song takes on a different dynamic with the presence of Rich being in it. Really matching her with his melodic flow and makes the song slightly a little more heartbreaking.

If you are a fan of Bülow, you should listen to her live performances of this tune, and hopefully 2020 will have a full project from the 19 year old!

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