Listen To The ‘Charcoal Halo’ EP + ATTLAS Exclusive Interview

After featuring on deadmau5’s ‘mau5ville: Level 1’ and dropping his summer release, ‘Courante,’ Toronto DJ ATTLAS continues to put in killer amounts of work – the most recent drop being the ‘Charcoal Halo’ EP – a euphoric and melancholic 6-track project, all demonstrating ATTLAS’s classic musical sound and surreal vibe. The EP was released on December 11th, and ATTLAS describes the project as “a reflection on the kind of person I’m realizing I am.” The EP definitely has something for everyone, from uptempo tracks like ‘Owls’ to ‘Coldest Night’ featuring vocals by 7Chariot.

My favourite ATTLAS release of 2018 definitely has to be ‘Charcoal Halo,’ which really does capture his continued growth. As ATTLAS gets more personal with his music, we can only expect more heat coming our way in 2019.

Listen to the ‘Charcoal Halo’ EP by ATTLAS:

Back in August, XMPL got the chance to interview ATTLAS shortly after the release of his track ‘Courante’, where he talks to us about his inspirations, music journey and much more – which has been featured in our first digital issue.

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