‘Pop Out’ by Eva Shaw & ILLYMINIACHI

Eva Shaw & ILLYMINIACHI Snap On New Single ‘Pop Out’

It’s no surprise that Eva Shaw continues to tear through her production with scorcher after scorcher. This time around we get to hear her work with ILLYMINIACHI, on their new single ‘Pop Out’. This new tune is the perfect remedy to get you into Spring mode and loosen up a tad bit. A rhythm that will get you moving and lyrical slaughter is the lethal combo that will keep the dance floor grooving and the speakers bangin’.

Eva just gives us another sample that proves her talents are universal and she’s not necessarily falling into one genre , she has an ear that allows her to play the puppeteer and get anybody to rock out. Teaming up with ILLY, the two found a way to create a track that should be used by any DJ to liven up a night. Both of the artists offer a very active sound that raises the intensity of this tune into a banger. My only issue with this track is the length, however that’s what the repeat button is for, no?

Once again I’m captivated to see what Eva has in store for us, knowing she’ll top her last project. I also hope one day we will get to see her release an album as a producer with a variety of different artists to showcase her skills on one project.

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