‘ON LOCK’ by Eva Shaw & Nate Husser Feat. Just John

Eva Shaw & Nate Husser Fire Off The Second Single From Their Chain Of Collabs, ‘ON LOCK’ Featuring Just John

So we know Eva Shaw & Nate Husser will be releasing 4 tracks together. Their first track ‘Foot On They Neck’ left no breathing room for anyone to hate the collab. After sometime they’re back with the second track of their partnership, ‘On Lock’. This time around the two artists have featured Just John as a special guest on this tune.

Before the track released Eva teased a series of photos and short videos on her Instagram. The content showed all 3 artists including City Fidelia, recording visuals as they take on retro looks with their rock star vibes blossoming.

Eva went in strong with the beat on this track, adding a bounce off the wall kick to the tune. The track also has a more party essence to the beat that was laid down. Nate & John throw around their lyrics adding a ton of flex and personality to the track. The different flows the two rappers take on, adds a wider range of euphoria for the listener to get lost in.

This makes track 2 of 4, now we wait for visuals and the next two projects to drop from Eva & Nate.

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