‘Part One’ by Datsunn

Datsunn Releases New EP ‘Part One’

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Datsunn dropped his brand new EP, ‘Part One’. Unlike anything I’ve ever heard before this project was blessed with creativity and innovation. Holding 5 tracks Datsunn hosts 3 features in Munch, Zillie Holiday & Omar Aragones. The 3 features did very well to compliment the beat combos that Datsunn was laying out, the one that really stood was ‘Sad Day, Syke’. That track sounded very new to my ears, but it left my gut with the same feeling I had when I first heard ‘Food & Liquor’ by Lupe Fiasco.

All 5 songs are unique in their own way, ‘The Plan’ kicks off the EP with a mellow vibe and a message to stay true to yourself. ‘Blow Away Breeze’ was my favorite track to get lost in, you can play that song in the background and unlock your productivity. The whole catalog was an easy listen and very impressive for a debut EP.

The whole EP was 11 minutes, I salute Datsunn for not forcing more songs at a time and allowing us to get familiar with his unique style. I can’t wait to see what he drops next!

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