Curren$y’s The Marina EP & Fire In The Clouds Mixtape Review

Curren$y a.k.a Spitta Andretti releases another mixtape, Fire In The Clouds, and an EP with Harry Fraud, titled ‘The Marina‘. So in other words he’s is doing what he usually does which is never leaving a gap in his arsenal of pure flow tunes. The Jet Life pilot is known for putting out mixtapes like he lives, eats, shits and breathes studio time. I say that because, in 2016 he released 13 mixtapes! He had something out every single month!! That’s also when he released the Andretti mixtapes, which were some of my favourite mixtapes, and it was a dope end to that year too. Curren$y currently has five releases already out this year. He released:

The Spring Collection Cover Art

The Spring Collection earlier this year in February that was a ill ass mixtape!! ‘Dollar Sign Eyes’ ft. Joey Bada$$ was one of my favourite tracks as was ‘Billy Ocean’.

Parking Lot Music Cover Art

Parking Lot Music EP I fucked with a lot, ‘Right Here’ ft. Casey Veggies and ‘Slide’ ft. E-40 & Ty Dolla $ign were two lit tracks with dope features. That released in March this year.

Air Freshna Cover Art

Air Freshna was a 3- piece EP that was the usual 4/20 release that Curren$y always puts out. All the tracks on Air Freshna are short wavy listens the longest being ‘YEHI’ at 02:25. The first song ‘Bank Statement’, to me personally, felt like one of those songs that could’ve went on longer. Curren$y is wicked at his craft and he [like other artists] have short tracks some people play on repeat just to hear that beat and that flow and ‘Bank Statement’ was that track for me from this EP.

The Marina EP Cover Art

The Marina EP, is one of my main focuses today, a collaboration with producer Harry Fraud. This was released in May and it was a pretty anticipated EP not even because anybody knew about realistically; but, if you’ve heard Cigarette Boats & The Stage with Smoke DZA (which were collabs they did back in 2012 & 2013), all five tracks on the Cigarette Boats EP made my headphones catch fire and the four tracks on The Stage were also fucking flame and Smoke DZA really added mad flare to the EP. So, as a fan I was personally waiting for something like this to come out and it delivered to a level that exceeded my expectations; that’s just for me anyways. This one was different because unlike Cigarette Boats & The Stage, which had little to no features, The Marina has decent repertoire of artists featuring such as: Smoke DZA, Street Wiz, French Montana, Action Bronson and Wiz Khalifa. Also, unlike their last projects, this EP has eight tracks instead of four or five. That means more dope beats from producer Harry Fraud, who is always killing tracks, and more wavy lyrics from Curren$y; which is always a bonus.

That’s already one mixtape and three EP’s this year, all self-released under the Jet Life Label, and he’s not done either

Fire In The Clouds Cover Art

Which brings me to his latest mixtape, which just dropped Midnight, August 31st 2018; Fire In The Clouds, with production by Drupey Beats. This mixtape does not disappoint!! With minimal features on it, you really get to hear Spitta Andretti do what he does best- which is spit fire in the mic- T.Y. and Larry June are the only two credited features on the album and they laid out some dope lyrics. If I had to chose five of my favourite tracks from this 12 track mixtape they’d be: ‘Specialist’, ‘Spaceship’ ft. T.Y., ‘Feel Nobody’, ‘Pay Scale’ ft. Larry June and ‘Never Stop’.

‘Specialist’ being my repeat track of the album solely because it’s a fucking insanely vibey track and I can’t stop listening to every aspect of it and admiring the way Curren$y fucks with the beat like it’s his main side bitch.

Personally, Curren$y has been one of my favourite artists since I listened to the Pilot Talk trilogy back in high school; so, it’s hard to have or write an unbiased opinion/review on anything he puts out. Overall though, I’d give both of these releases 10 blunts out of 10; so definitely smoke one to these releases, give this latest mixtape, Fire In The Clouds, some love and keep a look out for new music because I highly doubt this is Curren$y’s last release of the year.

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