‘First Time’ by Liam Payne

Liam Payne Releases His EP ‘First Time’

Liam Payne just dropped his 4 Track EP ‘First Time‘. The singer from the UK really showcases his talents in this EP, even though it is very short it is definitely a great catalog of intimate songs. His vocals on this project are great and are very easy to get lost into and the beats really bring out his talents. The piano in the track ‘Depend On It’ are the perfect example of this!

Even though the project is only 4 tracks, I love the fact that all his songs sound complete. I don’t like when artists force content on their fans just for the sake of releasing content, which is why I’m happy with this catalog. Liam hosts one feature in French Montana, I really like this because it shows us how he can work with artists. I love the fact it’s only one feature because he gives us 3 tracks where he shows us how versatile he can be by himself.

I didn’t pick a ‘Top 3’ because there was only 4 tracks, however ‘Home With You’ is my favorite track on here. Enjoy this EP, it’s worth the listen!

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