‘Happier’ by Marshmello Feat. Bastille

Marshmello & Bastille Link Up On New Tune ‘Happier’


Marshemello releases possible festival anthem ‘Happier‘, featuring Bastille. This tune is a bit more uptempo, perfect for jumping around and releasing some stress. Like a double edged sword this track also works out to be perfect for just a late night listen, because of the lyrics. Bastille singing about leaving someone you love in order for them to be happier, is perfect for you to throw headphones on and space out to. Marshmello continues to display how talented he is with producing beats, the song fluctuates perfectly. Going from mellow for  the vocals, going heavy for the drop but there is a part that was amazing to me at ‘2:33’. The song fades with a soft piano melody prior but at that point it’s complimented with a bad ass guitar strum as the song picks up again!

Is this the new festival anthem?

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