‘Heartless’ & ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd

The Weeknd Prepares Us For His Upcoming Album, With Two New Singles

We were all reminded who the king of the fall was, when The Weeknd released his first track, ‘Heartless’. Coming off of a new partnership with Mercedes, Abel rang bells when we found out he had new music out! A day after the release, he released a second single called ‘Blinding Lights’. With both albums getting us ready for a full project, the also got us very content that we have new Weeknd for our playlists.

Produced by Metro Boomin’, ‘Heartless’ is a track that is vintage cold vibes from Abel. With moving on from a relationship and going back to your old ways, this track is up beat with drums that rattle a room. The middle of the song also highlights The Weeknd. when he goes into soft vocals with his haunting echo’s.

‘Blinding Lights’ was the cherry on top, Abel goes in on a beat that reminds you of 80’s vibes with a modern flare to it. The very vintage uptempo melody and The Weeknd going in with his vocals singing about the spotlight is a feeling with in itself. Mentioning Sin City and using it in his photo campaign it’s hard to tell what’s in store for us.

With his new look and new sound mixed with his old sound, we can just anxiously guess what is to come. With his track record, Abel will surely give us another timeless project that is outside of anything we could expect.

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