‘Heaven’ by Dzeko VS. Riggi & Piros Ft. Veronica

Dzeko Reunites With Riggi & Piros To Recreate ‘Heaven’

Recognizing the history of music is very important when considering it’s evolution. 1984 was the year you’d have to look for in an archive in order to find ‘Heaven’. Of course, at that time it was performed by Bryan Adams, and was much slower and more intimate.

Throughout the years, this song has been mashed, bootlegged, remixed and edited in the world of EDM, and especially in trance. Every time the song drops, it brings back memories to every single person in the audience as they reminisce about the first time they heard the song. Every once in a while this track is recreated with a modern taste and is mind blowing.

Today we are at that point in time as Dzeko goes head to head with Riggi & Piros as they release their own rendition of this song. From seeing these two parties team up over the summer on their track ‘Anthem’, we knew to expect something uplifting and off the hook. With melodies out the roof and vocal cuts creating euphoric vibes, the stand out part of this track is Veronica and her excellent vocals.

This track was a great release by Spinnin’ Records, and is a great way to start 2019: with a little bit of 1984.

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