Kar33m Releases His Debut EP, ‘Who Am I?’

With the release of ‘Who Am I?’, the spotlight shines on Kar33m. The young R&B artist has a very haunting sound that relaxes any room. This debut EP is short yet very fulfilling, it gives a great look at this artist and familiarizes you to his unique sound.

This 23 minute project consists of interludes, a very awesome intro and lyrics that ease you into day dreams. The standout part of the intro is the cultural words that are tied into the melody. Kar33m combines his Nigerian roots and the momentum of Ottawas music scene.

‘New World’ has the most vocal impact in my opinion, it carries a holy euphoria throughout the track. ‘Summer Time’ is the track that highlights the versatility in Kar33m, as he sings away to an authentic acoustic strumming. The tracks are generally under four minutes and the interludes give you a great bridge between the chapters on this EP. ‘Who Are You?’ & ‘Darkness’ grew on me quickly, and the EP is closed out perfectly by ‘Everyone’

Keeping the Ottawa wave rising as more artists and identities continue to emerge. I can note that ‘Summer Time’ is my favorite track on this project, but the most exciting part to me is seeing more potential for collaborations among artists from Canada.

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