‘Red Cup’ by Omar Kadir

Omar Kadir Is Back With His Latest Single ‘Red Cup’

As the year comes to a close, Omar Kadir reminds us who is king with his latest track ‘Red Cup’. With his last track ‘Run The City’, Omar took a much more rugged approach, where he took a very cold and melodic approach to this track.

This track really highlights how well of a singer Omar is, something I’ve always felt he was underrated for. The song shows his range, as he sings in a soft Hip-Hop type flow during his verses and bridges, but really opens up powerfully during the chorus.

The beat that he goes on in is very soft and compliments his sound very well, it also really allows him to slow down and let you hear his lyrics thoroughly. Consistent as usual, his lyrics really do bring out the most of the track and really have you trying to memorize them as you sing along.

This hopefully is something that leads to a new project from Omar, possibly an EP or album in 2020? It was also great to see Omar run through a track by himself again.

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