‘The Best In The World Pack’ by Drake

Drake Releases Two New Singles In Celebration Of Toronto’s Chip

The NBA has been flipped over on it’s head with all of the injuries, trades, rumors and of course the finals. With everyone unsure of what the layout will look like next season, it is clear that Canada has made history thanks to the Raptors who are running wild in ‘The Six’. As an ambassador and fan of the team, Drake has had his fair share of headlines across this playoff window. Finally Toronto’s prodigal son, can breath a sigh of relief as his team is showered in glory!

Announcing if the Raps won he would release new music, Drizzy stays true to his word. Releasing two singles in ‘Omerta’  & ‘Money In The Grave’ featuring Rick Ross.

Both these tracks slap! Talking about his accomplishments and flexing everything he’s earned, Drake also takes a humble perspective and sends a message to the rest of the game. ‘Omerta’ is a great listen to from beginning to end and is very motivational.

‘Money In The Grave’ is faster, yet still hold a mellow vibe. Still staying true to the same topics of getting paid and building wealth, along with being ahead of his contemporaries, this song snaps hard. Ross adds a different element to this song with his don like flow, making this collab easy to put on repeat.

Drake will be leading the parading across Canada, as he sets the tempo for the history the Raptors have created. They are the world champs, which makes this Best In The World Pack‘ that much better!

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