‘IIWII’ by Kirk Knight

Kirk Knight Drops His New Album ‘IIWII’

Kirk Knight just dropped his 12 track project, ‘IIWII’ (It Is What It Is). The young producer/rapper had us looking forward to this album when he dropped his ‘Run It Back’ freestyle, capturing his hunger on that track he later announced he had an album cooking. Highly recognized as a heavy hitter from Pro Era, we last seen Kirk team up with Nyck Caution on their EP ‘Nyck @ Knight’. That was one of the most complete EP’s I’ve ever heard, leaving me wanting more content from Kirk. Being a perfectionist with his music, Kirk has finally delivered the new album, hosting Lucille Gotti as the only feature.

Kirk continues to do Kirk on this album, exceeding expectations and experimenting with new sounds. The intro alone has you intriguing to see what is in store for you. ‘M.O.’ is the first official track to kick off the project, where you can find Kirk getting into details about his goals in a very dark and haunting voice. Utilizing his wordplay over a very torture sounding beat, you can really see Kirk establishing his stature. His production offers a lot of different sounds anyone can enjoy, for example his flex tracks like ‘Different Day’ & ‘Duffle Bag’ offer a conscious sub text. Never forgetting what made him and where he came from, you can really see the Beast Coast artist offer emotions to his audience. Like I said before his unique experiments really do show on this project, his poetic vibes mixed with a wavy R&B sound blew my mind, on his track ‘Tom Clancy’. Lucille Gotti was on the track ‘TML’, a very relaxing vibe and haunting sounds make up the majority of this track. Kirk really shows himself in a different light and also continues to build his consistency in showing chemistry with all the artists he works with.

Every track on this project was beyond phenomenal, it was extremely difficult to pick a TOP 5. After a few listens my list came along, and i found myself an album I can kick back and get lost in.

TOP 5: 

  1. Leverage
  2. TML
  3. Never Again
  4. Run It Back
  5. Tom Clancy

Take your time to listen to this project and try to relate to it.


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