‘Let Her Go’ by Anna Pancaldi & Arch Birds

Anna Pancaldi & Arch Birds Release Cover Of ‘Let Her GO’


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Anna Pancaldi teamed up with Arch Birds on a massive cover of, ‘Let Her Go‘ by Passenger. Anna is releasing her new EP October 5th, 2018. This tune is exactly what you need to get excited for her new EP! The song goes over a piano melody that makes the song slower and gives it a very intimate sound compared to the original.

Anna has a very powerful voice which made this song very emotional. As the piano fades in and out along with her voice the song seems very heart breaking. I love how this song is the complete opposite perspective of the original, the voice of a woman makes it seem like the other perspective of a relationship next to the original. Of course that’s only my personal interpretation of the track.

You can catch Anna on her tour in the UK this October! Make sure you check out this tune.

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