‘New World Order’ by Flatbush Zombies

Flatbush Zombies Stamp An Exclamation Mark On 2018 With Their New Single ‘New World Order’

In my opinion Flatbush Zombies had the best album of 2018 ‘Vacation In Hell’. Their album started off the year and withstood every release to cement the number 1 spot. Now as we approach the end of the year it is only appropriate that the trio collects limbs in their new single ‘New World Order’. As always, Zombie gang let’s their creativity and influences to paint an original silhouette.

This track was released on Halloween and the beauty of it is that the beat has a very dark haunting vibe to it. A very spooky wave starts off this hard hitting track, with gun shots and other dark energies popping up through out the song. Leading Off the track is non other than Fleezus Christ himself, Meechy Darko. He kicks off his verse very calmly with vocal changes, but when you hear the guns reload in the track that’s when he releases that violent voice that would have the devil quivering. Passing the flow off, next in line to shatter skulls is Zombie Juice. Starting off with gunshots, Juice comes back in strong with a flow that’s second to none. His words with his unique sound creates waves you wouldn’t mind drowning in. The final piece to the puzzle is the Architect, Eric ‘Arc’ Elliot finishes this track off like a puppet master. Sadistic in his flow, he approaches the song with a very dark flow and superior word play that has you reading lyrics over to keep up with his mind.

FBZ continue to impress and elevate music as a whole with everything they release, I’ve never seen a group that’s this hungry. Gifting us this track after finishing off a U.S. & Europe tour is a true blessing. Not only do we get a banger they also released an insane music video directed by Johnny LeFlare. Their love for wrestling was executed very well, but the most impressive thing to me in the video was Nyck Caution executing the hurricanrana.


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