‘Lords Of Flatbush 3’ by The Underachievers

The Underachievers Go Straight Pyro On ‘Lords Of Flatbush 3’

Finally! Finally! Finally!

Brooklyn’s duo is back and ready to set the game on fire,  Issa Gold & AK The Savior go Gogeta on this project. From their last album ‘After The Rain’ to their Beast Coast album ‘Escape From New York’, the duo has been building up to their latest project; ‘Lords Of Flatbush 3’. With beats produced by YDNA, you had a feeling that The Underachievers were coming to slaughter every single beat.

Spitting out flamethrowers, UA combined to scorch this project from their first track to the last. Containing only 9 tracks, they still managed to give you quotes to last you a life time. Like brothers, Issa & AK combine and compliment each other like no one else. Lyrically reppin’ their city, friends, family and flexing their muscles, this project has been on repeat since it dropped.

The first two tracks of this project are ‘Stone Cold’ & ‘Deebo’, we saw these tracks when they announced the project. Both tracks bang and allow AK & Issa to send a message to their contemporaries. The flow slows down with their track ‘Detectives’ but the lyrics still paint pictures. Issa mentions stories that seem to be from his childhood and AK packs a series of metaphors. ‘Packs’ stays true to their talents as they creatively discuss their come up and their neighborhoods, family and money, which are brought up as well on this tune. ‘Wasteman’ is one of those rugged tracks, which start off haunting and slaps when the lyrics come in. ‘Tokyo Drift’ & ‘Rowdy’ were two tracks that stood out to me the most, both these tunes created a cycle of me repeating and trying to memorize the lyrics. ‘Last Call’ starts off with an alien-ish vibe until Issa sets the standard when he jumps in with a bang! This track will rock your head. Perfect ending to this project is ‘Randy Moss’, aggressive in delivery and composed holding a flow, Issa & AK set themselves apart from everyone else. Calling people out and listing off their credentials, they remind you how talented they are and that they are second to none.

This project bangs and will be on repeat, they will tour Europe after their Beast Coast tour, so keep those eyes and schedules open!

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