‘Cobain’ by Quest Feat Hevve & Dip Black

Quest Teams Up With Hevve & Dip Black On Their Single ‘Cobain’

Painting a portrait, Quest is joined by Hevve & Dip Black, on their single ‘Cobain’. The 3 Dreamland artists compliment each other, as they turn heads towards the talent in Ottawa.

Producing this beat was none other than Quest himself. With soft bells and a haunting melody laid over some lethal drums, he sends and invite for Hevve & Dip Black to dive right in. He also released the instrumental on all platforms, which is perfect for producers to get lost in or even rappers to perfect their flow over.

Dip Black shows his teeth and flexes his muscle as he bullies the first verse. With his aggressive flow, he adds a sadistic demeanor to the track. What really caught me off guard was the war cry in his verse, but that was a highlight because of the personality used to elevate the song.

Hevve leans into a relaxed chorus where he uses Cobain as a metaphor before going into his verse. His verse is like an elastic, it has an extra bounce to it. Changing the wave he also speeds up his flow mid verse where the lets the punchlines hit the guts.

With 2019 closing out, make sure to check out Quests projects through out the year. With his latest project being ‘Flee Normality’, he also has singles like ‘Jesus Drip’, ‘Love Lock’ & ‘Shake N’ Bake’. There are also 3 albums with the Dreamland roster, called ‘Dreamland Sessions’.

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