Joey Shines Bright With 3 New Tracks

Joey Bada$$ delivers ‘The Light Pack’ in his return. With his break from music Joey, shows up at the perfect time. I encourage you to sit back listen to these 3 tracks a few times and ask yourself how you feel. Limit your distractions and take the album in.

After running the light pack for a few days, my biggest take away from it is that Joey has no ceiling. His creativity, style and mind set is unmatched and clearly unexpected. His raw passion for music, his lyrical stamina and the discipline he holds when executing his flow is legendary. These 3 tracks consist of ‘The Light’, ‘No Explanation’ & ‘Shine’.

From his first bar to his last you realize Joey can rhyme in any era, My thought was Joey would slay any BOOM-BAP beat. Lyrically he through out Tyson upper cuts when he addressed today’s issues through out these tracks. ‘The Light’ even had a music video with him being re birthed into a god and ends with him walking into the NYPD precinct. This legendary track even had Muhammad Ali & Ghandi‘s names dropped.

His feature of Pusha T was a prefect combo on ‘No Explanation’ as the two dug in with their smooth flow’s that go hand in hand. ‘Shine’ is the cherry on top to see this project off. Which might just be the best project of 2020.

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