‘Wave’ by Kader

Kader Returns With Smashing New Single, ‘Wave’

Releasing his last single in 2018, Kader really had us wondering when we can hear more from him. With only 3 singles on his catalog and releasing them a significant time apart, Kader has made sure that everything he releases meets a certain criteria of quality. His latest single of the 3 is ‘Wave’, offering warm vibes this song will extend your summer through out the fall and winter seasons. A perfect track for a warm vacation or a scorching dance floor.

The track has a dance hall vibe with one of the catchiest hooks you will listen to. Sensual lyrics match the vibes of Kader’s more R&B sound in his other single ‘That’s Fine’ & ‘Take It Slow’, but this track is more uptempo, highlighting his adaptability through different genres.

The first thing I personally thought of when I heard this tune is, this track needs to be played at outdoor festivals and patios. That being said I think this tune invites a remix package to release 6 months from now. Besides my wishful thinking, I know that Kader has an arsenal of tracks and is just waiting for the right time to pull the trigger.

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