‘Swag Flu’ by KILLY

KILLY Pops Up With New Single ‘Swag Flu’

Since ‘Freezing Cold’, we finally get to hear from KILLY again. Owning his own lane, KILLY releases a new single that captures his masterpiece perfectly. ‘Swag Flu’ is produced by KBeaZywho did an amazing job creating a song that compliments KILLY’s melodic flow.

The beat is very mellow but with upbeat keys and a groovy bass, allowing KILLY to diversify his flow throughout the track. You can hear KILLY sing lyrics, extend words and even pick up the pace of his flow from time to time.

Even though this is on of the few projects KILLY has dropped this year, we have a hunch that we will be seeing more from the artist. That being said KILLY has been active doing different shows and sets throughout North America.

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