‘I’ve Been Doing Great’ by Eva Shaw & Nate Husser

Eva Shaw & Nate Husser Hit A Trifecta With their Latest Track ‘I’ve Been Doing Great’

“You can stop MFing asking” what Eva Shaw & Nate Husser have in store for us. Their latest single ‘I’ve Been Doing Great’ is the third track from their bangin’ four song collaboration and it couldn’t come at a better time. Ironically the timing of these tracks have been perfect to say the least, just as soon as we were told to lock our selves indoors, ‘On Lock’ was released. Now that everyone is checking up on each other on social media, the title of this track is beyond perfect to say the least.

Since this collaboration started the chemistry between Eva and Nate has been undeniable. It’s like having two mad scientists plotting to take over the world, with smiles on their faces…

This tune is a little bit more sinister than the others, Eva displays a very eerie beat that has a bone shaking bass line.

Nate advertises his swagger a bit more, starting off the track with an intimidating demeanor. You can just picture him grinning calmly in the middle of chaos when he fires off his lyrics over the beat.

If you’ve been feeling sluggish, tired or even just want something to get hyped up, this is the tune to recharge your batteries. The repeat button will be a very close companion of yours, once you dive into this track.

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