‘Death Race For Love’ by Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD Releases New Album ‘Death Race For Love’

After listening to ‘Hear Me Calling’, we can finally tune into Juice WRLD with full effect as he slays with his newest album, ‘Death Race For Love’. This project was highly anticipated by many fans, seeing as how we can’t get enough of his vocal style. This new project contains 22 tracks, that should hold you down until the summer. I was glad to see that Juice only hosted 3 features in Brent FaiyazClever & Young Thug, because it allows him to expand on his talents without congested tracks and other constraints.

This project is lyrically descriptive, as Juice does a great job touching on feelings we all relate to. Even though the picture painted is the roller coaster ride of trying to find love, you can still relate this to emotions many keep bottled in for several reasons. His track ‘Maze’ is the perfect example of the topics he touches over, talking about the feelings of being trapped and the struggles of addiction. With many people bottling up the feeling of depression, Juice shows he is not afraid to speak about these subjects. His track ‘Ring Ring’ is one where he talks about being left alone with his negative thoughts. The beat selection on these tracks is amazingly detailed and carry catchy riffs, but the best part is they are very complimentary to the melodic sound of Juice WRLD’s voice.

This album made a huge statement and raised the bar for 2019! Juice does a great job to pleasing listeners and remaining true to himself.

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